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You Rock
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You Rock Studios was formed to assist and collaborate with artists and musicians in writing, composing, rehearsing, performing and recording their work.  We have created a safe, fully equipped and professionally staffed environment to nurture musical dreams and to support artists and bands. Our passion is to work with musicians of all ages and ability levels in support of their creative process.  Plug in and play!

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Who We Are

Our owners have traveled the world performing and recording music and have 75+ years of collective performance, writing and recording experience.  As musicians/bandmates ourselves, we were challenged with a safe and well equipped rehearsal space.
We also were looking for a platform with which we could support the creative process from an idea to a recorded song.  You Rock Studios was launched in February 2020 to create a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages and skill levels.

Our facility was built by musicians for musicians.  Professional level equipment is available for our customers to eliminate the need to transport drums, keyboards, amplifiers, etc. Plug in and Play is our motto..we have everything you need to make music!

Artist Testimonial

“As a younger artist and musician, I spent hours working on my writing and progressions in my bedroom. I had a lot of ideas and would hastily put them together and play for my friends and family. I knew I wanted more, and a better way to get my songs out to the public. I was lucky to find the unique setting at You Rock Studios. This was just the outlet I needed to take my music to the next level. An incredible group of artists and collaborators gave me the confidence to start building and recording my music. Having the ability to share with other artists and put my ideas together, professionally, has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. The technology of their studio is professional grade and the atmosphere is designed to bring out the best in every artist. Having a set schedule to write, record and perform is the key to success; accountability to myself and others produces results. I have released five singles in six months and also performed live at five shows. I am so grateful for the entire You Rock family and I encourage all musically talented artists to take advantage of this gem of a studio in Rhode Island.”