Recording Studio

($499 for 4 Hours)

Recording Package

An experienced producer will be onsite to work with you and/or your band to achieve your best performance and to fully capture your musical ideas.  You will have two editing cycles using our Sonido file review platform.  This platform allows seamless communication between you and your You Rock Studios engineering and production staff during your project.  You will be able to listen to mixes and make notes in real time.  Your song or songs will be mixed and ready for distribution!  Your Rock Studios will publish your songs to music streaming services such as iTunes and Spotify.

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Who We Are

Our owners have traveled the world performing and recording music and have 75+ years of collective performance, writing and recording experience.  As musicians/bandmates ourselves, we were challenged with a safe and well equipped rehearsal space.
We also were looking for a platform with which we could support the creative process from an idea to a recorded song.  You Rock Studios was launched in February 2020 to create a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages and skill levels.

Our facility was built by musicians for musicians.  Professional level equipment is available for our customers to eliminate the need to transport drums, keyboards, amplifiers, etc. Plug in and Play is our motto..we have everything you need to make music!

What We Offer

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